1.  My Sun sign is Capricorn
  2.  I’m left handed.
  3.  I was conceived in the Spring of the Summer of Love (no wonder I am an Rock N Roll Hippie in High Heels !)  
  4. When I was a kid I wanted to be a Ballerina/Pediatrician and Artist
  5.  I have college degrees In  Psychology , Fashion/Costume Design & Graphic Design
  6. I studied  Ballet  since 2nd grade- got up to pre-professional  division and dropped out to be a punk rocker at 17 when I should have been joining a ballet company!( My BIGGEST  regret in life)
  7.  I am from Cleveland Ohio and Cleveland Rocks! 
  8.  Speaking of Rock- I love Classic Rock music! I was and original afro Punk and goth back in the  80’s/90’s. I also Love Classical ( especially Chopin), alternative rock,R&B, pop,Reggae and even 70’s Disco! 
  9.  I’ve been a singer ( see my photos from way back when above!),dancer,( ballet, jazz,hula hoop,burlesque & pole) model, artist, writer,fashion and graphic designer( working for  my fashion/business idol Betsey Johnson briefly), chef,/caterer, photographer, stylist, makeup artist and I still love to do these things in my spare time! to see some of my work go Here!
  10. I have a lovely not so baby tween  girl who is my muse and inspiration 247 and a cool  white cat  with blue eyes named Neptune
  11. I  believe in magic & love mermaids ( I think I was one in another life! , faeries unicorns & dolphins
  12. When I am not helping single women become goddesses, I love to make art, read, dance,sing, cook,  thake  pictures,garden, swim & travel,and go to concerts of course!