Who I am

Hi ,I’m Kar! I’m a  Goddess Life Stylist / Transformation Alchemist ( aka Life Coach) for single women!

What I Do

 I help single ladies  Discover, Awaken and Step into their Inner Rock Star Goddess/Feminine Super Powers so they can attract their Dream Life and everything that ‘s included be it their: Dream Biz, Dream Man or  Dream Income!  

Why I Do It

   Why did I decide to become a coach? Because I been there…out there in these tough life situations that women especially single women today can go through and yet there  wasn’t much guidance for this ever changing landscape…  they certainly don’t teach this stuff in school and maybe mama didn’t teach you either cuz she didn’t know( there was no Tinder then- lucky her) …  I  already had a degree in Psychology  and thought maybe someone else could benefit from the I lessons learnt not only from formal education and certification but especially the most painful ones. Why go through that if you don’t have to ? Learn from my mistakes! 

I started out as a Dating & Love coach but ladies kept asking me about  other stuff as well like how I started by business etc. so, 

I created the “Rock Star Goddess Academy” to school single ladies who want to level up in major areas of their life such as love money and  career with useful life skills you need to get ahead that they DO NOT teach you in school ,so you can live on level with your highest self in this lifetime instead of next!

and that is how the Rock Star Goddess Academy was Born!

As Head Mistress, I use all my talents ,skills ,education and almost 20 years ( yes I’m that old!) of unique life experiences ,mistakes & studying (coaching, psychology,spirituality,science… even my fashion design/styling ,art ,modeling and dance education and other experience and a great deal from my degree from the School of Hard Knocks where I graduated summa cum laude! )here to teach single women how to live Like a Rock Star Goddess ,take center stage and stand out like a High Value Rare Elegant Swan or Pink Flamingo in a flock of  basic ducks or pigeons and most importantly get the life you desire and deserve!

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