Who I am

Hi ,I’m Kar! I’m a Love Coach, Life Stylist and Transformation Coach for Women!

What I Do

 I help Single Ladies ( especially those with a history/pattern of continuously getting fatally attracted to  to or involved with Bad Boys!( including: Emotionally Shut Down Guys,Players,Abusive  A-holes,Con Men, Narcissists, Sociopaths,Addicts, “Holics”, Down Low Men, Wolves in Sheeps Clothes,Snakes, Rats, Pigs, Frogs,Toxic Toads …in other words Mr Wrong!)  Discover, Awaken and Step into their Inner Rock Star Goddess/Feminine Super Powers so they can  attract their Dream  Guys to pick and choose form! Attractive, Attentive “Gentlemen” that want to Worship, Cherish,Provide for and Adore a Phenomenal Feminine Goddess Like you! 

Why I Do It

  Most of my dating life although seemingly exciting at times was also mostly dysfunctional, painful and toxic. It took me quite a few years to figure this out.

My first “real”  relationship was with a striking, talented and very damaged boy I pursued relentlessly and ended up involved in a toxic before I even knew what that was.  Nowadays I guess  it would be considered just a very f-ed up  type of FWB situationship( FWNB  really- no benefits for me anyway) 

Despite how beautiful, smart and talented I really was – I didn’t have enough self- love or esteem or why else would I put up with stuff like that?  No matter my  nerdy achievements, and even after  I  physically blossomed on the outside, inside I was still the poor, flat chested little dork no “cool” guys would ever want) 

 This on top of the fact that my parents divorced when I was 3  and Daddy was hardly ever around after that except to come argue with my mom and drop off a few dollars  started a pattern of me choosing men who were not available in some way, toxic or Mr. Wrong.

 After one too many “rock rottom” episodes including  ending up a  broke newly single mom couch surfing with a 1 year old  to walking straight into the arms of a text book Jekyll and Hyde Narcissist.(I only though they existed in psychological horror stories or on Tv before!) 

 To make a long story shorter, It was a Bitch Slap from the Universe and Huge wake up call. I basically went on a Man Fast and cloistered myself away for along while. I did a Lot of thinking about my history and patterns with men …a lot of wondering,worrying, regretting,praying, writing, researching , figuring out  what I had been doing wrong  for so long and how I  going to turn things around.

Eventually I did  find my way out! Like a Phoenix rising from the Ashes! Then I realized there were a lot of other beautiful talented amazing women who were making the same mistakes,wasting precious juicy childbearing years with the wrong guys, stuck in the same man maze that I  had been with no visible way out. 

It wasn’t our fault really, after all no one teaches this stuff in school and most of our moms had no clue either (especially us women who grew up after the late 60s)

So that is how the Rock Star Goddess Academy was Born!

I use all my talents ,skills education and almost 20 years ( yes I’m that old!) of unique life experiences mistakes & studying (coaching, psychology,spirituality,science, to even my fashion design/styling ,art ,modeling and dance education and other experience and a great deal from my degree from the School of Hard Knocks where I graduated summa cum laude! )here to teach single women  who are more than ready to get off the Going Nowhere Bad Boy Train for good, how to:

Date and Mate Like a Rock Star Goddess who stands out to worthy guys like a High Value Rare Elegant Swan or Pink Flamingo in a flock of Tinder pigeons!

 How to empower themselves by utilizing their feminine  gift  instead of ignoring it, downplaying it or abusing it and transforming them from Addicted Man Chasers  to Addictive Rock Star Love Goddesses who have amazing”Gentleman” to choose from who will court, woo and worship them,chasing them down! 

How to be Savvy and Smart yet Soft so they can recognize and handle bad boys & mr. wrongs with ease and grace before they get their heart broken or end up getting used or played and without become jaded or having to be in Alpha Bitch or Psuedo Man  Mode 247.

And there you have it, in a nutshell!


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